May. 19th, 2017

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The new tree was installed this morning on the city owned land in front of the house. It's a maple. The tree guy says that it's bigger than what was ordered; the city got a bargain. The city ordered a three inch tree but he had this five inch one that was reaching its sell-by date so they upgraded us. It looks a little bit limp but we can only hope it will perk up now that its roots are in the ground. He wasn't terribly informative about how it should be cared for; he just said that if the temps are above 90, we should water it every week. I thought new trees needed more watering than just that?

We plan to get more trees but the others will be smaller.

Also this week we had a tree service come and take out the worst trees from the group along the border with the neighbor, and trim the rest. They took out the box elders and choke cherries, left the maples and locusts. We didn't lose very much shade, and it should reduce the amount of sticky stuff and limbs that are dropped, and allow those maples to grow into nicer shapes. They did the cutting/trimming on Tuesday and yesterday they ground the stumps. Within a couple hours of the stump crew leaving, the wind picked up, and a large branch, about 4" in diameter, fell out of one of the maples they just trimmed! The neighbor called us in a complete panic - she was outside and saw it happen. She says it came down with a huge crashing sound, and missed the car she parks underneath the tree on her side, by inches. Steve went over and soothed her, and dragged the debris to the curb. The city chipper truck comes on Wednesdays and will take it away. I suppose we should call the tree service and complain that they missed this weak branch.

The soil erosion permit inspector came by about an hour ago. We still don't have enough grass to close the permit. They want us to put down more straw. Also the muddy scar from when they planted the tree, two hours earlier, was sadly visible in the front lawn and had no straw on it yet. They'll be back to check us again in another 60 days.


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