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Every Friday night, Dexter has live music in the gazebo. This gazebo is in a little triangular park, right in the center of town. It's a nice space with lots of big shady trees. Across the street from the park, there is a Dairy Queen, the old school kind with a walk up window, no inside seating. There is also a large restaurant (Aubrees) with sidewalk tables, and on the other side a tiny BBQ with patio seating. It's about two blocks from our house. So on a warm summer night it is fun to wander down there, get a sidewalk table, and enjoy the music and people watching.

Last Friday was a surf rock band. Intense guitar licks, no vocals. We eventually got our table and settled in. Just as we were seated, it started raining. The kind of rain where you get a few enormous raindrops but it stops before everything is even wet. We had an umbrella on our table and we were sure the rain would pass, so we didn't budge. There wasn't even any wind. The rain was intermittent while we ordered and our food arrived. I suppose there was thunder but with the surf band we couldn't hear it. We were entertained by the table next to us, which had a half dozen kids under ten, who were very excited. They pressed together under their umbrella and shrieked charmingly whenever the rain picked up enough for someone to feel drops hitting them.

The rain picked up, and then the wind did too. We still thought it would pass. But then the wind gusted so hard it started lifting the umbrellas and knocking over the tables, and the rain become a torrent. The kids ran for the building and the restaurant employees came and chivvied us all inside. It started hailing and the sidewalk turned into a rushing stream bed; my shoes filled with water on the way to the door. The kids were shrieking. The music stopped and we saw the audience was crowding into the gazebo with the band.

The restaurant had no empty tables inside to put all these people, so we sat with our plates of food on our laps, in chairs in the aisles and corridors. The waitstaff handed out piles of napkins for people to dry themselves. You could see the aftermath of the adrenalin, everyone looked a bit too animated for their own good. Our server kept apologizing. But I thought it was a fun adventure. :-) The hail was exciting but not large enough to hurt anything.

By the time we finished eating, the sun was out and the sidewalks were almost dry.

Our drought seems to have broken. It's raining hard right now.

Date: 2017-07-15 08:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] the-rigger.livejournal.com
That's because I was down at Camp Perry. We seem to be a rain magnet.

(moist at the edges)


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