elizilla: (s10 sidecar)
2016-12-08 10:43 am


Last night I was sitting on the living room couch and I looked out the front window and noticed something odd. Flames. Flames, across the street, in the backyard of the house next door to the library? That neighbor is a retired single lady and very nervous - I can't imagine her having a bonfire at 10pm on a Wednesday night in this cold weather. Or indeed at any time.

I went outside to peer at the fire from the porch. Yes, definitely a fire over there. I went across the street and determined it is not in the neighbor's yard, though - it is farther away and not even visible from the slightly lower elevation of the street. Seemed like it was on the other side of the railroad tracks, which runs along the back edge of the neighbor's yard, and is elevated about ten feet higher than her yard. What is on the other side of the track? Well, there's a sewage treatment plant, and a park, and a Mcmansion subdivision that you can't get to from here without going a couple miles round. In summer the subdivision can't be seen from here, but with the leaves off the trees some of those houses have become visible from the second floor windows. Is someone in the subdivision having a really enormous bonfire? You'd think their HOA would have something to say about that.

By this time it had been about ten minutes and the fire hadn't grown larger or gone out, which implies it's controlled. But I was still concerned enough to call the fire department.

It turned out this is a methane burning thingie over at the sewage plant. I don't think it runs all the time since we have never noticed it before, and we have spent a lot of time gazing out from the front porch. But it is still burning this morning.