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Sep. 15th, 2017 06:07 am
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Dear body,

This waking up at 5 am thing?

Not a fan.


YVR -> YOW & climbing log

Sep. 7th, 2017 01:37 pm
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I am headed home once again -- back to work tomorrow for a one-day work week, then off to Toronto for the weekend. I figured I didn't need to plan on climbing this weekend.

I'm at the airport early -- my flight isn't until 5:50pm -- but with the smoke in the air, there wasn't much point in stopping along the way for sight-seeing. The seeing just wasn't very good.

My climbing log for the week, almost all with Jenna:

Day 1, Wed Aug 30th, arrival day. Find AirBnB, check-in, then a late afternoon of climbing, also with Matt.

Murrin Park - Sugar Loaf. All trad leads:
Magnet - 5.4
Little Spark - 5.4 (was aiming for a 5.6, but chose the wrong line)
The Mechanic - 5.7
Lieback Crack - 5.7
Holiday in Cambodia - 5.8

Day 2.

Cheakamus Canyon, sport lead.
Star Chek - 5.8 (guide says 5.9, but it isn't. Did in 4 pitches instead of 3 with Jenna & Matt)

Smoke Bluffs - mostly trad lead
Easter Island - 5.8
Runestone Pinnacle Right - 5.8
Runestone Pinnacle Left - 5.8 TR
Grani - 5.8
Sigurd - 5.3 follow

Day 3

The Chief - Apron, all trad lead
Rambles - 5.8 (4 pitches, done as 2)
Diedre - 5.8 (6 pitches, lots of line-up)

Day 4

Shannon Falls, AMO Wall, sport lead
The Relish Route - 5.8 (3 pitches, followed P2 )
Ghille Suite - 5.9
The Beaten Zone - 5.9
Petra - 5.9 (couple lead falls)
Into the Mystic P1 - 5.6
Stranger than Friction P1 - 5.8

Murrin Park, The CommonWealth - trad mostly lead (with Jason)
Partners in Grime - 5.8
Tastes Like Chicken - 5.9
Otto Mattock - 5.6
The Total Stinkeye - 5.8 (follow)
Ancient Squamish Secret - 5.9
Hungry, Hungry Hippoes - 5.10a (follow)

Day 5

Cheakamus Canyon, Conroy's Castle - almost all sport lead
Emil and the Detectives - 5.8 (two pitches, followed pitch 2)
Charlotte's Web - 5.9 (two pitches)
A Child's Christmas in Wales - 5.4 (online guide says 5.6 - no way, followed)
Kingfishers Catch Fire - 5.8

Day 6

Murrin Park, various crags, mostly trad lead
Beginner's Luck - 5.6
Jugs Not Drugs - 5.8 (sport)
Up From the Bog - 5.8
Focus - 5.7
Stihl Cleaning - 5.8
Smells Like Fir - 5.8
Otto Mattock - 5.6 (follow)
Top Ramen - 5.7
50 Lashes With a Wet Noodle - 5.8+
All You Can Eat Pasta Buffet - 5.6

Day 7

Shannon Falls Wall - mostly trad lead
Klahani Crack - 5.7
Split Decision - 5.10a (TR)
Skywalker - 5.8 (5 pitches) - then hiked up to the pools on Shannon Falls

Day 8 (with Jason)

Cheakamus Canyon - Whiskeyjack Wall - all sport
Attitude is Everything - 5.8
Danielle's Throne - 5.10a
Plumber's Crack - 5.10c (TR, one fall)
Brock 'n' Roll - 5.10b (lead, one fall)
Angel on My Shoulder - 5.10b (lead, one fall)

All-in-all, 8 days in a row of climbing, and I'm still feeling pretty good.

Tin lizzies

Sep. 7th, 2017 02:37 pm
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Today, many 100+ year old cars have been going by. Steve knows one of the people in this group, and she stopped to say hi. We got to look at her car. It is a Renault. I can't recall what year, but pre-WW1 certainly. It is a two-seater, open. The engine has valves on the outside, and total loss oiling. The headlights are acetylene, and would have been an accessory installed by the dealer back in 1910 or whenever. The steering wheel is on the right. Hand crank to start, and rather challenging to do; it took her a while to get it started again to go on her way.

Their car club does this run every year. They trailer their cars to a meetup point in Dearborn. They then drive to Lansing, on a route chosen for cars that may only be able to go 25mph, so, basically the route is over the same backroads that are also popular with bicyclists. It takes them all day to get to Lansing. They spend the night there, and will return to Dearborn tomorrow. They have at least two pickups with flatbed trailers traveling with them, and there has already been some attrition, some cars always fail to make it. All part of the adventure. Dearborn to Lansing is what, 100 miles? Probably more with their backroads routing, dunno how much more. But that's a long trek for some of these machines. It takes all day.

Our visitors are involved in organizing the event, and they suggested they they and others might like to stop here tomorrow. We'd love that. But I also pointed out that the library across the street, controls a nice flat parking lot and the director would probably be thrilled to host a planned stop in future. I think it would be awesome to get the whole crew to stop there next year. I am going to keep campaigning for it. :-)

Leak is resolved

Sep. 7th, 2017 02:20 pm
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Back in June I wrote about the leak in our shower floor. Well, the new tile guy came and worked on it. They ended up taking up the entire floor and redoing it. I was impressed by tile guy #2; he predicted what would be found and he was right. There are supposed to be weep holes on the side of the drain, to take in water that has soaked through the tiles and into the concrete beneath. Because tile is not actually waterproof and neither is concrete; the waterproof is due to the rubber membrane under the concrete. So the weep holes let water come in the sides, from the concrete above the rubber membrane. He said there were no weep holes and this causes the concrete to become waterlogged. And the rubber membrane is supposed to slope towards the drain, at a rate of 1/2" per foot, and probably doesn't. So when it can't drain, it overflows at the outside edges.

So when they took up the tile and concrete, that is exactly what they found. The drain hardware had those holes predrilled, but the first tile guy had caulked them closed! The rubber membrane was installed flat with turned up edge, like a shallow flat pan. And the spot that was leaking was the lowest point on the edge. The first "fix" was in this area, but was revealed to be just more silicone caulk, which doesn't adhere to the rubber membrane, so it still leaked.

He used the cement to sculpt the floor under the membrane to have the correct slope. Then put in a new membrane that, in the spot where it had to go to three planes, he used a vulcanized patch to get around that geometric difficulty. Then, more cement on top of the membrane, bringing it back closer to flat, for walking on. And tile over it. It looks good and matches well at the edge.

We waited a couple weeks to make sure, and it hasn't leaked.

Then a plasterer came and patched the ceiling, as well as taking care of "nail pops" here and there. And today the painters came. They painted the patched spots as well as touching up a few other things they spotted. They are just cleaning up now.

So, we have our house reassembled and will soon have it to ourselves again!


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