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Every day, around this time, one or two stink beetles show up and start beating themselves against the inside of my office window. You don't want to squash them. Yuck. Sometimes I open the window and shoo them out, sometimes I catch them and flush them down the toilet, sometimes I just try to ignore them. I'm ignoring today's beetle right now. I know that when I get rid of it, another will take its place pretty quickly. In the evening when we turn on the lights in the living room, eventually one will start flying around the lights. Never a swarm; they appear in ones and twos. When the house was being painted, a couple of them managed to get stuck and die in our paint. The are just here, all the time.

I don't think this house is unusually infested with them. We had them in the old house too; they arrived in this area sometime last summer and they have never stopped appearing since. Somehow they are suddenly very prevalent here. According to that Wikipedia page they are a new invasive insect. At least they don't bite or sting, and they are mostly slow enough to make them easy to capture. Maybe eventually the population will wane again, the way the invasive ladybugs did.

I wish I could figure out where they are coming from and stop them popping up in my office.
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