Apr. 21st, 2017

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On Monday, after the accident, the tree crew left behind the three foot tall stump, and a log the size of a small car. Today they are back. The job that was being done by the young man who hurt himself on Monday, is now being done by the owner of the company. Who is wearing chaps. That stump was left halfway sliced off and now he is finishing it. The second chainsaw guy who was here on Monday, is here again doing his bit; he has started cutting off pieces of the enormous log. Just getting that log carved into pieces they can move with their equipment, is a big challenge. It is a section of the tree trunk about 15 feet long, that is the part where all the largest branches split out. So it's not just a cylinder - it is a lumpy mass of stumps. It is so heavy that with the rain this week it has been sinking into our barely sprouted lawn. We were just getting past the mud pit stage out there and these guys have churned it back up.

We also have carpenters here working on the house trim. One of them makes art furniture and was wishing he had a way to take that huge log. If he could just move it to his workshop, he could make so many cool things out of it. But you'd need a crane. A big crane. And a semi truck to haul it away. It will have to be cut up on site, just to be able to move it with their equipment. So it will go for firewood. Really challenging firewood.

Update 10:30am:
I don't think the owner is as good at this job, as the guy who was hurt. Even if he does wear his chaps. He is trying to take awkward shortcuts. He's tearing up the ground a LOT, circling around on his log moving machine, trying to pick up too-large logs, from different angles, instead of just getting his chainsaw and slicing again. He did finally cut one piece in half, and even then his machine could barely lift the halves. There is a small stump in his direct path to the trailer, from a smaller tree cut down last year, and he keeps trying to run over it and getting stuck. He looks frustrated and tired. And now the guy with the trailer looks like he's saying it's overloaded, and they are struggling to move the logs that are already loaded. I think they will need to make another trip.

The hurt guy was graceful and clever. I suspect they all miss him a lot.


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