Apr. 17th, 2017

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The city's contract arborist has condemned the big tree in front of our house. It is an 80 year old maple and it is huge and beautiful in spite of the dead branches here and there. They told us it must come down, last fall, but then they didn't show up for one planned execution date after another. But the stay of execution has ended; the crew just pulled up out front.

This is the tree the city engineer planned the sidewalk around, and we had JUST poured that sidewalk when the city notified us that their arborist had decided it had to come out.

There are also painters here, working on the outside of the house and garage. The painters have three trucks and the arborists have a chipper truck, a bucket truck, and a pickup with trailer. So it's a hotbed of activity here this morning.

We are getting a whole parade of neighbors coming up to chat with Steve and get underfoot with their dogs.

The chainsaws just started. I can't bear to look. :(
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BTW, importing my data from LJ took almost a week, but it has now completed and seems to have been successful. Even the comments came over.
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The crew took the tree almost all the way down. They had the stump down to about three feet tall, and were cutting it lower, when something happened. I wasn't looking when it happened, I only noticed when the cops arrived. Then the fire department. Then two ambulances. I scooted sideways in my chair to see what was up. One of the crew was on the ground and everyone else was doing first aid.

He had had a mishap with a chainsaw and sliced a gash about six inches long in his thigh. They took him away in the ambulance. The rest of the guys packed up and left without cutting any more and I can't blame them at all! I hope their buddy will be OK!

They will be back later to cut down the last bit, grind the stump, and install the new (small) tree.


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